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So you want to know more about the Trabant before you buy one? Well here you go:


SHOC Auto is happy to be importing Trabants into the United States for the first time ever. Each car is rebuilt by East Germans and completely repainted to bring back the shine and luster that may have been lost in it's years of eastern European service. The Trabant is available with a plethora of options, like a choice of  original colors, and a choice of body styles. You can choose from  either the limousine, a sedan, or the universal body, a station wagon. Two conversions done in Germany are also available, the  mini pickup or a convertible. The  DeLuxe models even offered a two-tone paint scheme, with roofs in a complimentary color to the body.


Trabants are mini cars in the true, traditional sense: they are less than 12' long, and weigh a minute 1350 lbs. By comparison and new Honda Civic is 14' 7" long weighing 2475 and a Ford Excursion is almost 19' long and weighs a hefty 7700 lbs. In fact, an Excursion is as wide as a Trabi's wheelbase, 80 inches. 


Trabants are not only cute, they are  also simple. It's tiny two stroke engine is so small one person can lift the engine out of the car. The simple, Soviet influenced design means there are few parts to maintain. No oil pump, water pump, timing belt, distributor, thermostat, radiator, or fan belts to break or wear out. Parts are still available, just ask us.


People living in Eastern Europe often waited for over a decade to receive their new Trabant. Now you can own the car they waited so long for. Once locked away behind the iron curtain, you can bet that your neighbor does not own a Trabant.



Type:   Air cooled, Two Stroke parallel twin

Bore x stroke:   2.83 x 2.87 in.

Displacement:   36 cu in, 595 cc

Comp. Ratio:   8.0:1

Emissions Control:  None

Valve Gear:   None (1)

Power:   27hp @ 4200 rpm

Torque:   38lbs-ft @ 3000 rpm

Redline:   5000 rpm



Transmission:   4 speed, column shift manual

Final Drive Ratio:   4.33:1

Gear Ratio Max Speed

1   4.08:1   19 mph

2   2.32:1   32 mph

3   1.52:1   48 mph

4   1.03:1   62 mph

R   3.83:1


Dimensions / Capacities (Wagon)

Wheelbase:   79.5 in.

Track F/R:   47.5 / 49.4 in.

Length:  138.2 in.

Width:   59.3 in.   (59.5 in.)

Height:   56.7 in.   (57.9 in.)

Ground Clearance:   6.1 in.

Curb Weight:   1355 lbs   (1433 lbs)

Weight dist:   59 / 41 %   (56 / 44 %)

Fuel Capacity:   6.4 gal.

Oil Capacity:   None (2)

Water Capacity:   None (3)


Chassis / Body

Type:   Unit construction

Body Material:   Steel frame with Dyroplast panels



Volume, front:   ~50 cu ft

Volume, rear:   ~40cu ft.

Trunk space:   ~10 cu ft.

Front seats:   Low back bucket recliner

Type:   Ratchet

General comfort:   good

Fore-aft support:   good

Lateral support:   good


Front:   Ind. lower A-arm, transverse leaf spring

Rear:   Ind. lower A-arm, transverse leaf spring



Type:   Rack and pinion

Turns, lock - lock:   3.2

Turning Circle:   ~30 ft.



Type, front:   Drum

Type Front:   Drum

Power assist:   None


Wheels and Tires

Wheel size:   4 x 13 in. 

Bolt pattern:   4 x 160mm

Wheel type:   steel

Tire Size:   145-75R13

Tire pressure:   35 / 35 psi


Test Results (4)

Zero to 30 mph:   5.0

Zero to 40 mph:   9.1

Zero to 50 mph:   16.3

Zero to 60 mph:   30.3

Zero to 70 mph:   NA

Standing 1/4 mile:   22.5 @ 56 mph

Top Speed:   62 mph


Braking (4)

50-0 mph: ~100 ft.

Modulation:     Good

Fade:   Minimal

Front rear balance:   Good


Handling (4)

Roadholding, 300' dia. skidpad:   0.76 g

Understeer:    Minimal


Fuel Economy (5)

Est city:   26 mpg

Est highway:   34 mpg


Original cost: 14000 East German Marks





(1) The two-stroke engine does not use driven valves, they are pressure operated directly by the combustion chamber.

(2) The two-stroke engine has no oil sump, filter or pump. The oil is mixed with the gas 50:1  (like an outboard engine) for lubrication.

(3) The engine is air cooled, just like classic air cooled Porsches, and has no coolant, radiator or water pump.

(4) All test results are approximate.

(5) Manufacturers estimates. Many users report far better mileage in actual use.

(6) Entries in parenthesis represent station wagon (or universal) data.


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