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The Sachsenring






Welcome to the wonderful world of Trabants, or Trabis as they are known to their faithful followers. Trabis are starting to find a following as a classic, small, very simple minicar built in the  East Germany for use by the communist common folk, despite having long been the butt of jokes and the sorry tales of communism. It's the VW Beetle of Eastern Europe. Over Three million Trabi P601s were built bin the Sachsenring factory in Zwickau, East Germany between 1964 and 1991. Like the VW Beetle and the Austin / Morris Mini and Mini Cooper, this minicar was  a low price vehicle built for the masses and has found a home as a fun collectable car. 


Trabis are small, simple, air cooled cars, much like classic VW beetles, With front wheel drive, A-arm suspension, and all independent suspension, they were very modern when they were introduced in the 1960s. The fan driven air cooled system is very much like that of the air cooled Porsche 911. Trabis were so desirable to eastern Europeans that there are still 800,000 of the original 3,000,000 on the road today. Of those 800,000 Trabis, very few have been imported from Germany to the United States. Today, the Trabant that  was abandoned for newly available western cars is becoming a collector car for former East Germans who value it's simplicity and size, and western collectors that see it's historic significance or can admire the simplicity and diminutive size of the Trabant.


Description Price Warranty
Trabant Sedan in your choice of colors $5995.00 One Year warranty on parts
Trabant Universal $6495.00 One Year warranty on parts
Trabant Pickup Conversion


One Year warranty on parts
Trabant Convertible Conversion


One Year warranty on parts

So what do you get when you buy a Trabant P601 from SHOC Auto? Each Trabi  we import is rebuilt to mechanically excellent condition in Germany and then repainted to restore the original luster of the car. These cars are not restored, but rather rebuilt, something much more befitting the cars heritage. Please see our current inventory to see what cars are currently available.

Prices include rebuilding, shipping, and importing the cars to Minneapolis, Minnesota. The cars we sell are ready to be register and driven. Shipping to you is extra. We can help arrange shipping of your Trabi directly to your door, or you can handle the shipping yourself. Shipping varies, and can cost from $200 to $1500 depending on how far you are from Minneapolis, and how you want the car shipped. See out Shipping FAQ for info on how to ship the car to you.

Trabis have been seen on U2's ZooTV tour, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and even The United States Air Force museum in Dayton, Ohio. To learn more about these cute cars from behind the Iron Curtain, take a look at the following SHOC Auto links:

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Links - More Trabi and minicar / microcar  information on the internet

For more information, a sales call or any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us .


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